Telemarketing; An Intro

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January 7, 2019

Telemarketing; An Intro


As an alien to the term, one ponders over the meaning of Telemarketing. In order to make you understand what basically telemarketing is, we would like to give a brief introduction of it. Telemarketing basically means direct marketing, market research or in simple words sale over the phone. The sale may be of the services or the products that the company offers. In order to promote these products/services, the representative advertises them to various companies or individuals through the medium of phone. Cold calling, another significant term in telemarketing, is what we would like you to be familiar with as well. It means that the person, being called is not well acquainted or is not familiar with the person calling (representative) at all and they are/will be talking for the first time. The person being reached has not yet bought from the company before and is being contacted the first time for sales and advertising purpose. It is the sales person who is contacting them and that the other party did not ask them to reach out to them.

Telemarketing can also change the way one thinks about a certain brand or product, if done the right way therefore its is mandatory to advertise your brand more and more and create its awareness among people and companies. If you worry about the cost you spend on advertising, compare it to the cost you would have to pay to the multi-national companies and the blue chip. As compared to that, the cost you spend on a few calls is not much therefore you need not to worry about the cost you spend on advertising.    

Telemarketing is a more appropriate medium of advertising as compared to print media. If you publish your advertisement in magazines, newspapers or on websites, you are not sure that the type of audience you are trying to target is surely going to read or not and even if they do go read, a simple ad is not convincing enough for them to buy the product or agree to get your services. Talking directly to the concerned person gives the representative more prospect of convincement, resulting in better and fruitful results. A more appropriate way for advertisement is getting both mediums in hand as this will attract more customers towards the company. It will not be wrong to say that Telemarketing is one of the most beneficial ways of marketing as it involves direct way of communication.     


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